This report could not have been prepared without the assistance of many people, all of whose contribution is acknowledged with gratitude.

The members of the Advisory Committee, its Task Groups and consultants provided extensive guidance and oversight for this project, and many of the members actively participated in the conduct of the project and the preparation and review of initial drafts of the report. The methodologies and analyses upon which the results of the study are based were carried out under the auspices of the Committee and/or its Task Groups.

Particular appreciation is extended to colleagues at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) for their encouragement, advice, assistance and support: Dr. Richard Klausner, Director, NCI; Dr. Faye C. Austin, Director, Division of Cancer Biology; Dr. Joseph F. Fraumeni, Jr., Director, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics; Dr. Richard Adamson and Dr. Jerry Rice, Director and Acting Director, respectively, of the former Division of Cancer Etiology; Dr. Edward Harlow, Special Advisor to the Director, NCI; Ms. MaryAnn Guera, Associate Director for Intramural Management; Mr. Paul Van Nevel, Director, Office of Cancer Communications; Ms. Nancy Brun and Maggie Bartlett, Information Resources Branch; Dr. Jed Rifkin, Information Systems Technology Branch; Mr. Dan J. Grauman, Biostatistics Branch; Mr. Nickolas Luckyanov, Radiation Epidemiology Branch; and Peter Goldshteyn and Robert Kuciewicz, formerly of the Radiation Effects Branch.

Much of the data collection, analyses and initial report preparation was carried out at the Environmental Measurements Laboratory (EML) in New York City, a component of the Department of Energy. The NCI is deeply indebted to the former Director of the EML, Dr. Philip W. Krey, and to his predecessors, Gail de Planque and Herbert Volchok, for accepting Andre Bouville, Mona Dreicer, Peter Goldshteyn and Robert Kuciewicz as long-term guests, for encouraging EML staff, especially Harold Beck, Carl Gogolak and Camille Marinetti to provide technical and material assistance to those guests, and for the extensive use of EML's computer facilites required by this project.