Technical Summary
Study of exposure of I-131 from Nuclear Bomb Fallout


TS.1. Introduction

TS.2. Estimation of Activities Deposited on the Ground

  • TS.2.1. Meteorological Modeling
  • TS.2.1.1. Dispersion of the radioactive cloud
  • TS.2.1.2. Deposition on the ground
  • TS.2.2. Review and Re-analysis of Historical Monitoring Data
  • TS.2.2.1. Close-in Measurements of Environmental Radiation
  • TS.2.2.2. National Network of Deposition Measurements
  • TS.2.3. Estimation of the 131I Deposition in Any Given County

TS.3. Mass Interception

  • TS.3.1. Mass Interception Factor
  • TS.3.2. Effective Half-Time of Retention of 131I by Vegetation
  • TS.3.3. Pasture Intake by Dairy Cows
  • TS.3.3.1. Total daily dry matter intake of dairy cows
  • TS.3.3.2. Fraction of total dry matter intake from pasture
  • TS.3.4. Intake-to-Milk Transfer Coefficient

TS.4. Estimation of 131I Activities Ingested by People

  • TS.4.1. Milk Production
  • TS.4.2. Milk Utilization
  • TS.4.3. Milk Distribution
  • TS.4.4. Activity Intakes of 131I by Man

TS.5. Estimation of the Thyroid Doses from 131I

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